Long Form

Building a stronger and longer attention span.

Long Form

I'm happy to be writing again for those invested in extending their attention span. I know it's a stretch this day and age as we have become more accustomed to snippets of headlines and sound bites. Sure, I get caught up into it too, but have also craved a slower way of living and digesting information. Going for quick tidbits of news haven't made us happier or more well informed. If anything we are more ill equipped than ever as stating a bunch of senseless opinions and superficial antidotes has become the norm. It isn't so fashionable to ask questions, probing various ideas. So many ideals have become politicized we just might be making important decisions out of establishing a point more than assessing what rings true in our hearts and minds.

I'm a thinker and a questioner. I don't know exactly where it came from but I tend to question everything. I don't like bandwagons. When everyone goes right I ask why before heading in that direction. Good or bad, it's just me and how I tend to navigate various issues as I don't like to be too identified in any one camp or ideology. Basically, I like to think for myself. Which shockingly tends to piss people off. Which begs the question; why does it seem to offend people when having divergent points of view, or at the basic level, thinking for oneself?

Being a yoga practitioner for as long as I have, I tend to question why certain things trigger me as a form of self reflection and discovery. I've learned the more comfortable I am with myself the less affected I am by various points of view that may differ from my own. With this said, I am not claiming to never be triggered. I acknowledge there is much more for me to work on as I have years of yoga practice to thank for that simple awareness. Which brings me back to one of the timeless teachings in yoga in terms of looking towards the longterm. That believe it or not, delaying gratification has a way of making us happier and more fulfilled. There is always this push and pull of desire and avoidance that are actually guiding posts for our growth and experience. When falling into the trap of it we tend to acquire anxiety and discontent.

Believe me, there are some lessons I would rather not learn. Resistance is always there waiting to see exactly what I am made of internally. There have been many instances where I stare it in the face and say, "you win...for today." It really depends what I am up against. Sometimes it takes a while to rally the energy.

Needless to say, I don't always go for trends or algorithms, as I don't want to be a slave to it and come to a place of not knowing what drives me. I rather transcend it all and set the tone for my life, and if others like it then so be it!


This will be a place for me to share, analyze, question and process my messy thoughts and musings. I love the art of writing, and at heart, I am a creative. I want to do more creative things, fearlessly, as I feel it has been something missing in my life. This too will be a practice and a art form. A place to release and dig into all the ups and downs and in between moments life has to offer.